Papua necklaces made with natural materials such as the traditional ones used as ornaments. They are often used a lot as BOHO decoration due to their natural colors following the traditions of Papua. Handmade according to traditions.

They're mainly made from shells, feathers from exotic birds and bones from jungle animals. All materials are natural and collected on the island of Papua - Indonesia. Being products from animals, an import certificate is included following the rules of each country.

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papua wholesale decor necklaces natural color
papua wholesale decor necklaces
Papuan Necklace Sculpture
papua wholesale decor necklaces
Standard sizes for the papuan necklaces: Measurements may vary depending on model. There’re papuan necklaces that are manufactured in 25 centimeters in diameter up to 60 centimeters in diameter  and possible to mix colors and measurements by request.

Very beautiful and exotic papuan necklaces ornament with good wholesale prices and great quality in their finishes to have a good product that is highly requested and unique. We wholesale a large number of different models created by our decoration craftsmen.

We’re wholesale manufacturers with factories in Bali, Lombok, Java and other Indonesian islands.

In every papuan necklaces ornaments we can manufacturing with special measueres. We’re available to make any other models that isn’t in our catalog and depending on the specifications of customer. Adapted to the laws of the country of destination.

Request information without any commitment about our wholesale Necklaces for BOHO decor. Contac us for more information. Will be a pleasure to us for assits you to import your products from Indonesia. The best quality and price and 100% safe transactions.

Home Decor and furniture manufacturers from Bali, Java, Lombok, Timor and other islands from Indonesia with full shipping advice. All the production is under control. The qualities that the costumers can specify with a deadline that will be agreed with the customer upon request. We’re available as provider and manufacture for more than 10,000 different products in decoration, lighting, furniture and building materials.

Final quality control, packaging and loading of the container from our own Cargo company or the company that customer can choose before shipping it to the Country of destination, including in all the order from customer to keep safe the items until arrived to destination port.

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