Indonesian indoor furniture for wholesalers and Hotels.

One of the great possibilities that we offer to our customers is custom manufacturing. Here you can see part of Indoor furniture. We manufacture bespoke interior furniture for decoration professionals, retail and wholesale, and hotels.

Indonesian furniture for wholesalers and Hotels.

We manufacture Bali indoor furniture and outdoor furniture with different styles such as Bohemian “BOHO”, colonial, minimalist, rustic and many more. The manufacture is made with high quality wood dried in special ovens before cutting and assembly because a good dry wood is very important.

The most requested wood by our Bali indoor furniture customers is Teak wood. Considered the most commercial with high quality due to its hardness, adaptation to different temperature changes and of course all our furniture is made of solid wood.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing bespoke furniture with different finishes and hand-carved motifs from Bali and other Indonesian islands.

Decoration and lamps with an ethnic touch.

Our decoration has a great influence from the different cultures of Indonesia “Ethnic decoration” and traditional for the decoration that was originally used from each island.

For our lamps decor we use the same concept of decoration adding personalized designs or giving the possibility of mixing natural materials such as rattan and wood.