Indonesian furniture for indoor from teak wood

Indonesian indoor furniture for wholesalers and Hotels.

One of the great possibilities that we offer to our customers is custom furniture manufacturing. Here you can see part of Indoor furniture. We manufacture bespoke interior furniture for decoration professionals, retail and wholesale, and hotels.

Tips for buying Indonesian indoor furniture

What we are mainly looking for is high quality Indonesian furniture for indoor. In this case, we will have to take into account the different types of wood that we offer for the manufacture of furniture in Indonesia for interior and how we require its processing to the factory.

The types of wood will be discussed later. Now let’s take a look at some points that you should consider to obtain quality furniture.

1 – Make sure that the manufacturing is done in an experienced factory with the necessary equipment to make a quality product. The kiln drying of the wood will be a very important point that you should not miss.

Some manufacturers dry the wood in the sun. This is not very advisable, as the wood will not be dried correctly and there is a great risk that the furniture will split open along the way.

Our factories have the right equipment to process all types of quality furniture.

2 – Choose the right type of wood depending on the type of furniture. For this point we will advise you so that your project is carried out correctly.

For example: Teak wood is a multipurpose wood. It is used for the manufacture of indoor furniture and is perfect for outdoor furniture.

But one thing you should keep in mind, it is not recommended for white furniture. Since it contains oils and can change the white color to a yellowish tone.

3 – Last but not least. We will never recommend short manufacturing times for furniture manufacturing.

The approximate times are usually between 2 and 3 months. This is what we offer to ensure a correct manufacturing without skipping any step that affects the quality of the furniture. If you are offered shorter lead times, you are taking a risk.

Types of wood for Indonesian furniture

The following is a brief description of the different types of wood used in the manufacture of Indonesian furniture.

Each wood usually has an application depending on the type of furniture you want, whether it will be for indoor furniture or outdoor furniture.


Madera de Teca para muebles de Indonesia

Teak wood is known to be strong and durable. This type of wood is ideal for the manufacture of indoor furniture and perfect for outdoor furniture, as it has great resistance to changes in temperature and humidity.

Teak wood is characterized by light brown color, with the possibility of wide finishes and with a fine and uniform texture.

It is considered the wood of choice for the manufacture of Indonesian furniture because of its high quality and sturdiness.


Madera de Suar para muebles auxiliares decorativos

On the other hand, another option would be Suar wood. Which is considered a tropical wood with beautiful warm colors perfect for small auxiliary furniture, rustic dining tables, wooden countertops and decorative items.

Suar wood gives a range of 60 – 85 cm in diameter. Giving the possibility of making wider cuts for rustic furniture.

It is a slightly more delicate wood than teak, but it is still resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.


Madera de Mango para muebles económicos

One of the most economical options in tropical woods. Mango wood, which has warm and orange colors, is usually used only for customers who request it.

It is a wood that, as we have already mentioned, is usually used for economic and simple furniture.

We do not usually manufacture with this type of wood, unless our customers request it. It is not a wood for outdoor furniture and it does not have the hardness of teak or Suar wood.


Madera de Mahogany para muebles económicos

Mahogany wood, tropical wood, distinctive for its reddish color and its grainy shape when cut.

This type of wood is popular in the manufacture of French provincial furniture and for reproductions of antique furniture.

It is a durable wood and more economical than teak. As we have already mentioned, it is used only for furniture reproductions and exclusively for interiors since it is not a wood resistant to large changes in temperature and humidity.



Bali furniture wholesale

Tell us the motif you want to carve on your bali indoor furniture, which of course our Indonesian craftsmen will be able to do.

Hand carved wardrobe bali furniture


Please send us your information and we will contact you to give you details on how to buy furniture and decoration with us.

Indonesian furniture for wholesalers and Hotels.

We manufacture Bali indoor furniture and outdoor furniture with different styles such as Bohemian “BOHO”, colonial, minimalist, rustic and many more. The manufacture is made with high quality wood dried in special ovens before cutting and assembly because a good dry wood is very important.

The most requested wood by our Bali indoor furniture customers is Teak wood. Considered the most commercial with high quality due to its hardness, adaptation to different temperature changes and of course all our furniture is made of solid wood.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing bespoke furniture with different finishes and hand-carved motifs from Bali and other Indonesian islands.

Decoration and lamps with an ethnic touch.

Our decoration has a great influence from the different cultures of Indonesia “Ethnic decoration” and traditional for the decoration that was originally used from each island.

For our lamps decor we use the same concept of decoration adding personalized designs or giving the possibility of mixing natural materials such as rattan and wood.