We’re available to manufacture and supplying more than 10.000 items for you Home Decor business. Contact us for more information or any quotation for our product and special one that you will need it.

Timor Hand carved wall panel. Indonesian handicraft supplier.

Hand carved wall panel with traditional Timor motif for home decor. Available diferent sizes and finishing from customer request. We export indonesian handicraft to worldwide for wholesalers.

Teak root wood coffee tables. Factory and wholesale supplier.

Teak root wood coffee tables can be a nice product for your showroom as best seller. Under our experience and order from customer. This is a nice product easy to sell for your business. It can fit both in modern, classic and rustic decor.

Brass Mirror wall decor supplier. Metal mirrors.

Brass Mirrors available to wholesale order with differents models, finishing and colors. Contanc us for more details. Manufacturing metal mirrors from Bali - Indonesia.

Buddha Head green stone statue. Wholesale.

Hand carved buddha head green stone statues for garden decor available to wholesale order with differents models, colors and measures. Contanc us for more details.