How to Import Home decor or Furniture from Indonesia.

1 – We make it easy

The first question you can find is how to import from Indonesia to your country the products you want for your business. With us, you don’t need to have great knowledge in import and export concepts. Since we will guide you all the way, so that you can continue with your business, while we manage the rest to make it as simple as possible.
Not problem of the size of your business. We have solutions to help you and We are available to solved any question about how to import from Indonesia. Then, you can make your business growing up with us buying home decoration products, furniture, lighting and handicrafts from Indonesia. We’ll assist you in all the way till the products arrive at your address.

How to import from Indonesia
2 – Container’s sizes available for import

Let’s start talking about the preparation of your shipment to the seaport closest to your location. Everything is ready for the loading. It will be made in our cargo company.

Another question that may arise is how many items You can import from Indonesia. The minimum shipment is one cubic meter, that will be shared in a container with different recipients. This shipping method is LCL “Less than container load”. From here you can add as many cubic meters as you need to send. Other solutions is full containers FCL “Full container load”. Then we leave information about the capacity of the three containers available, according to the volume of your purchase.

container sizes to import from indonesia.
  1. LCL - Less than container load

    There is the possibility of sending per cubic meters in case your purchase doesn’t cover the volume of a container. The first cubic meter will be the minimum capacity. From here, we can add as many cubic meters as you need. We will always be here to advise you according to your needs.

    This delivery system is carried out through a container shared between several recipients in the same country. Giving you the opportunity to make smaller purchases but still benefit from a low shipping cost.

  2. FCL - Full container load

    What FCL means? You have 3 container sizes to import products from Indonesia by FCL “Full container Load”:

    20′ container with load capacity of 33,2 m³ and Max. Load weight 25.000kg.

    40′ container with load capacity of 67,4 m³ and Max. Load weight 26.470kg.

    40′ High Cube container with load capacity of 76,3 m³ and Max. Load weight 26.470kg.

In the event that you have a cargo company, we can also work with it and we will be in coordination at all times.

As you can see, there are solutions for the shipping of your products. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to resolve any question.

3 – Estimated Time of arrival to the port of destination

The estimated time depends on each country. The containers will leave the port of Surabaya – Indonesia, to the port of destination. This transit usually takes 21 to 35 days from the moment the ship leaves the port.

While the cargo is on the way, we continue to work to prepare and advise our customers for when the container arrives at port and have everything ready for receipt and procedures for arrival at your warehouse.

4 – The container arrived at port of destination

Your container is already in at port of destination. What should you do now? There are companies that take care of all the management you will need to disembark your merchandise. These companies will manage the payment of fees and duties. You can also take your products from the port of destination to your warehouse. This will be the last step. One of the companies that can help you in all this management is the one that our clients usually use, Damco.

Please, do not hesitate to ask any questions. It will be a pleasure to assist you and explain how to do business buying in Indonesia.

Damco import from Bali - Indonesia.


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