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Bali Outdoor Furniture Solutions and Tips.

First, let’s talk about the quality of Bali outdoor furniture and rattan furniture wholesalers. In this case, and very important, we will have to take into account the quality of the materials. Keep in mind that this type of furniture will be exposed to different temperatures and humidity, unlike indoor furniture.

Once we have taken into account the quality of the materials, let’s talk about them.


Teak wood is considered the best choice for the manufacture of Bali outdoor furniture. We only need to take into account two essential points:

  • First, the quality of the teak wood for outdoor furniture, minimum must be CLASS A. Not all manufacturers use this type of teak wood for outdoor furniture, as they focus more on reducing costs without taking into account the quality of the furniture.
  • Second and not less important. The wood must be dried in special kilns. As in the first point, some manufacturers do not do this process to save costs. It is very important that the wood is well dried to avoid openings and cracks in the furniture.
Bali outdoor furniture teak wood


If you have made the decision to import this type of Bali outdoor furniture to your country, please do not skimp on the quality of the synthetic rattan.

Some manufacturers use synthetic rattan for low cost outdoor furniture. We can say that synthetic rattan furniture is not inexpensive furniture. This material must withstand exposure to the sun and if it is of low quality, it will have a fairly rapid degradation.

For outdoor furniture in synthetic rattan, we only work with the VIRO brand. This brand will assure you great quality and resistance for your outdoor furniture.

Bali outdoor furniture synthetic rattan


As with synthetic rattan, we must pay close attention to the quality of natural rattan. Natural rattan outdoor furniture is more delicate than teak wood and synthetic rattan outdoor furniture. This does not mean that you cannot get quality furniture. But just like teak, natural rattan has different qualities.

Our advice is not to skimp on the price of this furniture. A professional manufacturer will always take care to manufacture natural rattan outdoor furniture in a good quality to withstand sun and humidity changes.

Natural rattan outdoor furniture



Bali rattan outdoor furniture

Surely natural or synthetic rattan furniture wholesalers for outdoor can be interesting for you. And of course, high-quality teak wood outdoor furniture.

Simply tell us the type of Bali outdoor furniture you need and we’ll make it for you.

Rattan furniture wholesalers
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Please send us your information and we will contact you to give you details on how to buy furniture and decoration with us.

Rattan furniture wholesalers

Indonesian outdoor furniture and rattan furniture wholesalers for Hotels.

Of course, we manufacture quality bali outdoor furniture. We can manufacture them in kiln dried teak wood, very important, as the quality of the drying will give durability to your outdoor furniture.

Without any doubt, we also manufacture high quality natural rattan furniture wholesalers or synthetic rattan furniture. No, we do not manufacture with cheap materials. Specifically, cheap materials means unhappy customers, and of course, this is not part of our company policy.

Your business is important to us, for this reason, we do not advise you to use low-cost materials, as we are sure you have already been quoted by other businesses.

Likewise, we apply the same criteria for our Bali indoor furniture in terms of quality and durability. Any handcrafted furniture design will be manufactured with professionalism and guarantee.

Decoration and lamps with an ethnic touch.

Our decoration has a great influence from the different cultures of Indonesia “Ethnic decoration” and traditional for the decoration that was originally used from each island.

For our lamps decor we use the same concept of decoration adding personalized designs or giving the possibility of mixing natural materials such as rattan and wood.