Indonesian bedroom furniture wholesale

One of the great possibilities for bedroom furniture that we offer to our customers is custom manufacturing. Here you can see part of our bedroom furniture from Indonesia.


Solutions for indonesian bedroom furniture.

Indonesian bedroom furniture is mainly manufactured in Jepara and Bali for export to different countries. What do we mean by this?. We mainly want to inform our customers about the place of manufacture. Let’s see what options we provide.

Of course, Indonesian bedroom furniture is 100% customizable to your needs in terms of color, sizes, finishes and materials. These options we offer you when it comes to manufacturing your bedroom furniture is great for your business, isn’t it?. Indeed, no matter what type of furniture business you have such as hotels, furniture stores, interior designers or housing projects or resorts. We will adapt to the furniture manufacturing you need.

Rattan and teak wood bedside tables

An example of the options you will have, handcrafted of course, are our nightstands in rattan and teak wood. Here you can see how using two base materials such as natural rattan and teak wood, you can make beautiful and high quality furniture.

Rattan bedside tables

rattan bedside table wholesale

square rattan bedside table

one drawer rattan bedside table


In Indonesian bedroom furniture, we can offer you great solutions with the best materials. Did you think that the only furniture you see on our website is the only furniture we manufacture?, of course not. Feel free to contact us and tell us about your idea. We will be happy to make you discover the great possibilities you have in furniture such as closets, beds, consoles, bedside tables and much more.

Highly quality indonesian bedroom furniture and service.

We manufacture high quality furniture. Obviously we’re professionals with years of experience and We’ll be able to advise you on our wide range of Indonesian bedroom furniture. Our experience of more than 15 years will help you to discover things to consider when making your furniture.


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Indonesian bedroom furniture

Probably one of the most popular and sought after bed headboards are hand carved with the “MANDALA” motif. Thus, it is very important to have master carvers in the Indonesian bedroom furniture manufacturing team. Of course, our team at Bali Exclusivo has the best.

Hand carved wardrobe bali furniture


marrocan bed hand carved

So far we have shown you Indonesian style bedroom furniture, how about offering you more variety?. Indeed, we can manufacture with the carved motif you need. Just let us know your taste and we will get to work on it.


Please send us your information and we will contact you to give you details on how to buy furniture and decoration with us.