How to buy in Indonesia Home decor or Furniture.

1 – Let’s talk about the items you can buy in Indonesia

With our company, You will have access to more than 10,000 items in custom furniture or catalog, home and garden decoration, lighting and local crafts. We work with factories throughout Indonesia such as Java, Lombok, Timor, Papua New Guinéa and Bali. A great opportunity to buy items for your business from the different cultures of Indonesia.

What do we need to start working on your project? We will need a brief description of your business to be able to address the type of products you usually sell or in what type of articles you are interested to make a proposal of the available items.

2 – Manufacturing and end date of your order

Once confirmed the items you want to acquire for your business and make it formal according to factory conditions, we will start to manufacture and prepare the end date. Normally and depending on the type of items and quantities, the delivery periods may vary between 1 month and 2 months.

manufacturing furniture bali indonesia

Many of our products are traditionally made by Indonesian artisans. Indonesia is famous for the production of hand-carved wood panels, stone sculptures, solid wood furniture, local crafts and much more.

This type of artisanal manufacturing is what implies that production times are a bit longer than industrialized manufacturing, but it gives the opportunity to offer unique and high quality items.

indonesia stone carving decor
3 – Minimum order and general conditions

As you can understand, the prices we offer are wholesale. And to be able to maintain these prices, We have a minimum order of US $ 5,000. There is the possibility of placing orders for less than this amount, but US $ 400 will be charged as a management fee. All orders over US $ 5,000 will not have any additional charge of any commission including the management fee.

If you need shipping information depending on the volume of your purchase, you can contact us or go to our information page on how to import from Indonesia.

4 – Deal? Let’s go to start
b2b home decor

Any questions you have, we can help to solve it. We’ll advise you on everything you need from the first step. Donnot hesitate to request our general catalog or send us the designs you want to request a quote.


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