Indonesian furniture carved sofa


First of all, you should understand the different options you have to buy Indonesian Furniture. Because depending on what you are looking for, including service.

We can talk about buying direct from factories, working with a Trader or buying furniture from Bali Showrooms (stores with samples or stock).

Let’s start with the three options you will have and should understand to facilitate your furniture purchases.


It is obvious that this option is the most economical way to get the best prices on your indonesian furniture and decoration. Contacting directly with the furniture manufacturer will save you the cost of intermediaries. Therefore, you will be able to have more profit at the time of the sale or to have a more competitive price.

This option is good as long as you have a specific product. For example, only furniture, and you do not need to manufacture several products of different ranges such as indoor decoration, outdoor decoration, lamps, local handicrafts, …

As you can see, ordering from a single furniture factory will always be easier and cheaper. Ordering from a furniture factory, decoration factory, another factory for lamps and so on, will always be more complicated and costly.

In some cases and depending on your type of business, you will probably have to order from more than 5 factories or more.

You should also keep in mind that factories are located on different islands in Indonesia. Bali is not the center of manufacturing.


Cost savings per product.


If you are looking for a good price, you will have to contact factories outside Bali, and not all of them speak English.

In many cases, you will have to manage your own warehousing, quality control and communication with the factory for shipment.

Possible risk of fraud. If you do not know the factory or have not visited it. There is a high risk of losing the investment. Since friends of others disguise themselves as factories that really are not and it will be very difficult to recover the investment.


To get a quick idea of what a Trader is, we will tell you that it will be the company that will be between the factory or factories and you. What can be called a trader. You will be in direct contact with this Trader and he will be in charge of the management of factories and orders, deposits, quality control, warranties on the products to be manufactured (depending on the type of Trader) and management of the shipping program.

Your Trader should keep you updated on the manufacturing process and calculate manufacturing, picking and shipping times. It will save you a lot of time and you should have a clear communication with the factory in the local language.

In short, working with a Trader will save you time and management with the factories. Why do I say factories? Because the Trader or trader will be a good option if the idea you have is to import different types of products.

At this point we must clarify that our company is within the group “TRADER”. Yes, indeed, we work with reliable factories for many years and we do all the management that our clients need.


Ahorro de tiempo.

Ease of finding the product you need with the requirements you require on your side.

Guarantees on your investment.

More secure payments are made directly to the Trader and the Trader will manage the deposits with the factories.


The Trader will charge you a percentage for the management. Do not forget to negotiate it with your Trader.


As the name implies, they are stores that keep a stock. Normally they also offer the manufacture of these acting as Trader. We can say that it would be that in some cases it is a mix between Trader and physical store.

Normally this type of showrooms are located in Bali, but this does not mean that the manufacturing is done here. They are usually stores that order everything or they buy to other stores or factories outside Bali. We must keep in mind that practically everything that is out of Balinese crafts, usually they are made in factories of furniture or decoration located in other islands of Indonesia.

At this moment we can see that Bali would be like a Showroom of all the products that are made in Indonesia.


You can see physically manufactured items. Dealing directly with the seller.


In many cases the stock is usually old. Being a physical store with added costs in its management. The cost of the item may be much higher than in the two previous cases.

Added cost of displacement from your country to Bali. In the case that only it does it to make its purchases of furniture, decoration or crafts.


In Indonesia you will have access to more than 10,000 items in custom and catalog furniture, home and garden decor, lighting and local handicrafts.

We work with factories throughout Indonesia, such as Java, Lombok, Timor, Papua New Guinea and Bali. In this way, we can provide a great opportunity to buy a variety of items from the different cultures of Indonesia.

Many of our products are traditionally made by Indonesian craftsmen. Indonesia is famous for the production of hand-carved wood paneling, stone carvings, solid wood furniture, local handicrafts and much more.

This type of craftsmanship is what implies that production times are a bit longer than industrialized manufacturing, but offers the opportunity for unique and high quality items.


manufacturing furniture bali indonesia

Once confirmed the items you want to acquire for your business and make it formal according to factory conditions, we will start to manufacture and prepare the end date. Normally and depending on the type of items and quantities, the delivery periods may vary between 1 month and 2 months.

We manufacture custom made furniture providing our customers the opportunity to obtain any type of furniture without setting limits with catalogs of outdoor furniture or indoor furniture.

The advice we give you, and very important. For furniture made of teak wood. It should be kiln-dried “A” grade.

What does “A” class kiln dried teak wood mean?

Our manufacturing is done with high quality teak wood and kiln dried to avoid openings due to temperature and humidity changes.

If you want to import furniture, you should take this advice into account to avoid defects in your furniture. Cheap can be expensive and not everyone will explain the quality and process of the wood.

For furniture made of natural rattan, synthetic rattan and other types of tropical wood. We follow the same quality controls of the material. Only high quality.

As you can see, our focus on products is always on quality furniture and customer service.


We have a lot of options in decoration and local handicrafts. Since we work with factories in several islands of Indonesia. This gives us the possibility to offer a wide range of handicraft products.

Ethnic decoration is one of our great offers. Indonesia maintains different cultures and you will have access to ethnic art from all of them.


One of the most requested lamps, and of course one of our star product, are the rattan lamps. These lamps are manufactured with a metal structure, which will shape the design, and decorated in many ways with natural rattan.

Exactly. If you have an idea, we can possibly manufacture your exclusive lamp.

The natural rattan used will be of high quality, treated for export and such rattan lamps can be used indoors and outdoors under cover.

Please note that natural rattan behaves just like wood in terms of quality. A cheap lamp may have been manufactured with low quality rattan, therefore, it may not be very resistant and may even have animals that will degrade the item quickly.

We can add other types of lamps. Table lamps or floor lamps, which can be made with many natural materials that will give an exclusive and handmade touch.

These materials can be of different types of wood (teak, suar or tropical woods) or others such as mother-of-pearl, stone or seashells.

Another option that we give for outdoor lighting, are the garden lanterns. This type of lanterns are made of carved stone, for which we explain in the following point.


Indonesia is renowned for its hand-carved stone sculptures. One of the most sought after are the green stone Buddha sculptures or Dewi Sri. You also have the option to have a custom sculpture carved.

For lovers of natural materials. We offer a wide variety of river stone sinks, marble or Onyx sinks. And to complete, bathtubs in a single piece of river stone.

In garden lighting. You can not miss the beautiful Japanese lanterns made of green stone or lava stone. They give an exotic touch and are perfect for all types of gardens. Since this type of stone can withstand large temperature changes and different types of humidity.

indonesia stone carving decor


b2b home decor

What do we need to start working on your project?

We will need a brief description of your business so we can address the type of products you generally sell or what type of items you are interested in to make a proposal of available items.

Whatever questions you have, we can help answer them. We will advise you on everything you need from the first step.

Feel free to request product information or send us the designs you would like to order for a quote. And whether you buy from us or not, it will be a pleasure to serve you.


Once we confirm the items you wish to purchase for your business, hotel or private home and formalize them according to the factory conditions, we will start manufacturing and prepare the completion date.

Normally, and depending on the type of items and quantities, delivery times can vary between 2 – 3 months for furniture and 1 – 2 for decoration and stone sculptures.

Manufacturing lead times may seem a bit long to you, don’t you think? Please note that everything we manufacture in Indonesia is handmade.

All these types of products are out of any industrial manufacturing. Please do not compare us with China. It is well known that this country is practically industrialized for production. This is not the case in Indonesia.


As you can understand, the prices we offer are wholesale. And in order to maintain these prices, we have a minimum order of US $ 3,500.

There is a possibility to order less than this amount, but a $250 handling fee will be added. We do not accept single unit orders for decoration or lighting.

All orders over US $ 3,500 will not incur any additional charge of any commission, including the handling fee.

If you need shipping information according to the volume of your purchase, you can contact us or go to our information page on how to import from Indonesia.


Bali furniture wholesale


Tell us the motif you want to carve on your furniture, which of course, our Indonesian craftsmen will be able to manufacture for you.


Muebles tradicionales indonesias tallados a mano en teca


Surely outdoor furniture made of natural or synthetic rattan can be interesting for you. And of course, high quality teak wood outdoor furniture.

Just tell us the type of Bali garden furniture you need and we will make it for you.


Stone buddha head hand carved Bali
green stone buddha head garden decor


We manufacture and supply more than 10,000 Bali stone sculptures and decoration items for your garden decoration business, hotels, villas or any construction project as professional decoration.


Papuan necklace ornamen handmade
Timor tribal mask. Ethnic art
Timor ethnic art ornaments


Discover the most requested Indonesian ethnic ornaments. Moreover, as the Indonesian decoration, the ethnic part is characterized by its exoticism and beauty.

In addition, with us you can find unique items in wood, cast glass, stone, natural resin and much more.


Bali wicker lamp bell shape
teak branch wood tables lamps decoration
Hand carved stone garden lamps. Japanese style.

We manufacture a multitude of ceiling, floor and table lamp designs. Are you also interested in outdoor lighting? Great, because we manufacture rattan lamps, Japanese lanterns and garden lanterns.

Just tell us the type of Bali lamps you need and we will manufacture it for you.


Send us your information and we will contact you with details on how to buy furniture and decoration with us.