Carved Headboard. Balinese art and decoration.

We’re supplier of Hand Carved Headboards decor. We have several models with different finishing.
Guarantee of good carving of hand carved headboards and price.

All of our wooden wall panels are hand carved like traditional method in a single piece of suar wood with wood drying process, to avoid problems with its export.

We make by order any model just contact us if you need special model. Our factory is ready to make your order.

This article is manufactured in different measures, this is a sample of them:


# Dimensions in centimeters Dimensions in inches Available Colours
1 Any dimensions is available. Any dimensions is available. White, brown, natural, white wash and more


The measurements of the hand carved headboard decor can be different, since each model can have different measures because the shape. We are available to make any other model that is not in our catalog and depending on the specifications of our clients and adapted to the laws of the country of destination.

Request information without any commitment about our wholesale mirrors. Contac us for more information. Will be a pleasure to us for assits you to import your products from Indonesia. The best quality and price and 100% safe transactions.

Home Decor and furniture manufacturers from Bali – Indonesia with full shipping advice. All the production is under control. The qualities that the costumers can specify with a deadline that will be agreed with the customer upon request. We are available as provider and manufacture for more than 10,000 different products in decoration, lighting, furniture and building materials.

Final quality control, packaging and loading of the container from our own Cargo company or the company that customer can choose before shipping it to the Country of destination, including in all the order from customer to keep safe the items until arrived to destination port.

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  1. Hi,

    I would be interested in puchasing a bedframe with carved headbaord (as per your photo/ white wash).
    The dimensions required:
    bedframe: W: 180CM L: 200CM
    headboard: 180CM X 180CM

    Could you please advise the cost of the bed + shipping cost to Singapore?

    Many thanks


  2. how much for head boards please

  3. Hello – please could you share pricing for head boards?

    thank you!

  4. Hello I’m looking to getting a price for a hand carved queen size bed head similar or the same as (pic 1-white wash effect). Also a little unsure on how I would go importing it into Australia etc etc so if that could be including in quote that would be great.


  5. I am interested in this head board. For a queen bed. Can u plz advice the cost and the shipping cost to Melbourne Australia plz.

  6. Hello,

    I’m interested in purchasing a wood carved headbaord ( white wash).
    The dimensions required:

    headboard: 160CM X 160CM

    please send me your best prices and delivery prices to Lyon 69008 (France)

    thank you,


  7. How much is a white washed headboard for North American queen sized bed.

  8. Hi ,

    I am interested in the Balinese wood carving as my king size bed’s headboard. This is to be shipped to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Please can you give me your best offers.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Kind Regards,
    Le’Anne Tan.

  9. hi
    I am interested in purchasing a white hand carved wooden headboard
    the dimensions required is – 190cm (length) x 190cm (height)
    please advise on quote and shipping to Sydney Australia

  10. I would like more information about carved bedroom sets
    Headboard bed, dresser and nightstands.
    Styles and prices including shipping prices.

    • Hi Dear. Please, can you send to our email the information about what you need?. Thanks in advance.

  11. Rachel Blackwelder March 11, 2019 at 10:16 pm Reply

    Hello!! I’m interested in a headboard for a king size bed. Can you send me info on pricing?

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